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5 essential components of a performing website
February 14th, 2021 08:24 pm Web Design 0

Purpose and Objective of the site: It's absolutely essential to actually define the objectives of your website before you do anything else, as this will drive everything that follows. As strange as it may sound, I have had some potential…

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Top 10 Drupal modules to have
January 3rd, 2021 04:32 pm Drupal development 0

Firstly, let me take this opportunity to wish everyone reading this post a very happy new year from the Stafflancer family. With Drupal 8 end of life scheduled to be on the 2nd of November 2021, and Drupal 7 end…

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offshore outsources advantages
December 22nd, 2020 07:49 pm outsourcing 0

Saying Covid-19 has impacted and will still impact our lives for the next decade, at least is an understatement of the year, but with 2 vaccines approved in the united state, 1 in Russia,1 in China and UAE at the…

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How to protect your wordpress website using HTTPS.
December 14th, 2020 04:06 pm Web development 0

The internet consists of a network made up by different computers around the world. Each website has an address on this network, expressed in syntax, whether by HTTP or HTTPS. If you have a wordpress site, you may have noticed…

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October 24th, 2020 04:35 pm Web Design 0

Having a contact form in your websites in a no-brainer, because without it, you lose out on leads who might be interested in your services. In WordPress, there are hundreds of different contact forms plugins from free to paid version,…

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Tech Geeks at Stafflancer Gets Recognized by GoodFirms For Delivering Excellent Solutions
November 12th, 2020 09:24 am Award 0

The Company’s Journey Stafflancer is a renowned offshore web and mobile application company working with the sole purpose of offering solutions to dedicated clients. Headquartered in Ukraine, the company strives to achieve success with results. The trailblazing solutions introduced by…

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advantages of custom web development
October 24th, 2020 04:10 pm Web Design 0

In previous article, I discussed the advantages of using ready-made theme and templates for your web development project. In today’s post, I shall be highlighting the advantages of custom web development. Your Unique Identity When developing a website with CMS or other…

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October 24th, 2020 04:11 pm Web Design 1

If you find yourself wondering, “Why use WordPress?” you’ve come to the right place. Pondering this question means you’ve at least researched WordPress a bit or heard about it from a friend or colleague. But that doesn’t mean you’ve completely…

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