Ducker Carlisle

Ducker Carlisle Ducker Carlisle is a global consulting and M&A firm backed by decades of industry experience, proprietary data, and proven solutions to optimize client growth and performance. Back to portfolio The Problem: The biggest challenge was to develop a modern, visually appealing and content-rich website that reflected the merger and responded to the expectations of the various stakeholders as well as the CEO, division heads, private equity firms, investment banks, clients, HR candidates and future investors. The Solution: A brand new website was developed on WordPress CMS, with performance, responsiveness, usability, and ease of management in mind. Advanced Custom Field Pro (ACF Pro) was used as a theme builder and Max Mega Menu was used for the stunning menus. The DRY code concept (Don’t Repeat Yourself) was used to create blocks and Bootstrap 5 was used to create a responsive mobile-first view. The backend was set up to make it easy for the team to navigate and make changes. The overall quality of the website was improved by writing high-quality code and following the latest WordPress development processes. Screenshots from the project Project Link Project Repository Related Projects Ducker Carlisle June 25, 2024 Accurate June 25, 2024 Spinal Element June 25, 2024 Load More Got A project In Mind? Send your project requirements or documentation. We will research your needs and get back to you with a detailed estimate. Request A Quote

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