retrain.ai is the leading Talent Intelligence Platform, powered by responsible AI. Our skills-focused solution compares universal real-time labor market data with local company data to enable HR leaders to find, hire, and retain diverse talent from hire to retire.

The Problem:

As a talent intelligence platform, Retrain needed to revamp its website to showcase the latest trends in recruitment platforms. The old website also failed to effectively differentiate SaaS tools in the increasingly crowded talent intelligence software market.


The Solution:

A new website was developed on WordPress CMS, with performance, responsiveness, usability, and ease of management in mind. Advanced Custom Field Pro (ACF Pro) was used as a theme builder and Max Mega Menu was used for the menus. The DRY code concept (Don’t Repeat Yourself) was used to create blocks and Bootstrap 5 was used to create a responsive mobile-first view. The backend was set up to make it easy for the team to navigate and make changes. The overall quality of the website was improved by writing high-quality code and following the latest WordPress development processes.

Screenshot from the project

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