At Sensiba, smart, talented, and passionate people come together to work in an environment designed to inspire. They’ve consistently been named a Top Workplaces USA one of the Real Leaders 2024 “Top Impact Companies” from around the world. 

The Problem:

As a global accounting firm, Sensiba needed a website that adequately showcased their business. Their old website was no longer adequate, as poor user experience led to a drop in page views. They were also looking for a website that their non-technical marketing staff could easily navigate on the backend.

The Solution:

A brand new website was developed on WordPress CMS, with performance, responsiveness, usability, and ease of management in mind. Advanced Custom Field Pro (ACF Pro) was used as a theme builder using starter theme. The DRY code concept (Don’t Repeat Yourself) was used to create blocks and Bootstrap 5 was used to create a responsive mobile-first view. The backend was set up to make it easy for the team to navigate and make changes. The overall quality of the website was improved by writing high-quality code and following the latest WordPress development processes. 

Screenshots from the project

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