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CMS Development

CMS allow users to create sites that can be viewed from a variety of devices – desktop and mobile at a very easy and efficient way. Responsive design addresses the need to provide, optimize, and adapt viewing experience based on the capabilities or constraints of the device and its screen size. It is amazingly responsive, easy to manage, highly secured, and great community presence. 

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Magento

Drupal is one of the best open source CMS available. It offers flexible customization, Extraordinary security, and its performance is of the highest quality. Drupal’s rich tools make it easy customize virtually any website, including Fortune 500s, startups and governments websites around the world.

Although WordPress started out as a blogging platform, over the years it has become the most used CMS as it powers over 60% of the world open source websites.  It also has great customizing features, easy to manage, excellent SEO features, excellent security, and a highly reliable performance. 

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It is the most popular open e-commerce systems in the network, and it currently host over 100,000 online stores, with reportedly over $150 billion goods sold. This CMS is great for developing both simple and complex online stores, and it offers first class performance and security.

Frontend Development

The frontend development of a website is the part that users interact with. Everything that you see when you’re navigating around the Internet, from fonts and colors to dropdown menus and sliders, is a combo of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript being controlled by your computer’s browser. The frontend or as commonly known user side of your application might not be the reason why users will visit your site, but might be the reason why they will leave.

  • Html5 and Css3
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • Vue.JS
  • React

Updated with unique elements, attributes, behaviour and new possibilities that HTML is a form of programming language that is used to make web pages on the internet viewable. So it can be said that it is because of HTML that web pages are interesting to look at. Html5 and Css3 enables you to develop the next level design implementation of your websites that enhance the user engagement and give it an ascent with interactive and engaging front end development.

JavaScript is a client scripting language which is used for creating web pages. JavaScript is high-level, often just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm. With JavaScript, you can add interesting features, like animation to your site, and make your site identity unique.

Angular is an open source web application framework supported and maintained by google and community of individual developers. AngularJs is blessed with extended features like dependency injection, routing, animation, vie orchestration, e.t.c.

Vue.js is an open-source Model–view–viewmodel and progressive javascript framework that is mostly used for building user interfaces. It enables easy creation of powerful single page applications. It derives its basic use in creating the view layer for any web application. Like other front-end frameworks, Vue.Js allows you to take a webpage and split the logic up into reusable components. Each of these can have it’s own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript needed to render each piece of the page.

React is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces specifically for single-page applications. It's used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps. Virtual DOM and component mounting; This design philosophy that React uses with virtual DOM and batched DOM updates makes it really fast, but also lets you write your components how you see them.

Backend & Serverside

The backend of an application is responsible for things like calculations, business logic, database interactions, and performance. Most of the code that is required to make an application work will be done on the backend. It is essential to have a very good backend in website as this is what holds all the information relating to the site.

  • PHP Framework
  • Node.JS Framework
  • Ruby on Rails

PHP frameworks offers ready to use components, liberies, proven architecture. It ensure separation of modules, controller logic, and views. It is a technology best used for web development as over 80% of worldwide websites are written in php code. We use php framework like Laravel, Yii, and Symfony to develop fast and secured product for your business. 

Node.Js is an open source cross platform runtime environment for developing server side and networking applications. Node.Js also provides a rich library of javascript modules which simplifies the development of web applications. The Node.Js frameworks we work with include Express.Js, Nest.Js, and LoopBack.Js

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby programming language. It is a model-view-controller framework that provides a structure for a database and web pages. One can develop an application at least ten times faster with Rails than a typical Java framework.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app is a software application that combines elements of both native apps and web applications. Hybrid apps also offer developers the opportunity to write a code once, and use it on all platforms. This is really useful for startups or small businesses with limited budget.

  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Apache Cordova

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook.  It offers faster mobile development, and more efficient code sharing across iOS, Android, and the Web, without sacrificing the end user's experience or application quality. 

The code written in React Native works on almost every mobile platform. Including iOS, Android, Windows, etc. There is no need to write code on Swift for iOS and Java for Android or C# for Windows. The applications are native working on multiple platforms.

Xamarin is a cross-platform app development tool which uses the CLI and CLS with a C# shared code base. Using this tool, the developers can write native Android and iOS apps with the same feel and look a native app offers with the same user-interface and multiple platform shared codes. Xamarin’s powerful C# environment, native and cross-platform libraries and APIs, and ease of deployment, it’s the best choice to keep Android, iOS and Windows apps developed in sync.

Apache Cordova enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript instead of relying on platform-specific APIs like those in Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Cordova takes your web application and renders it within a native WebView.

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