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5 easy steps to improve your WordPress website performance and speed

There are steps to improve WordPress website performance and speed. In the post, we will discuss the 5 easiest way to achieve the performance and speed that your website needs to generate more leads.

Studies show that users wait about 0.3 to 3 seconds before losing their attention. If your website takes longer to display important information, users will lose focus and may close the browser window.

Faster websites have lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, higher organic search rankings, and of course, a better overall user experience.

1. Reduce the Number of HTTP Requests

Web browsers use HTTP requests to retrieve parts of a page, such as images, style sheets, and scripts, from a web server. Each request, especially when using HTTP/1.1, incurs some overhead in establishing the connection between the browser and the remote web server.

Compressing your CSS and JavaScript files will also go a long way to enhance your website performance. Optimized websites often load all the required CSS and JavasScript in a single request for each.

2. Use only necessary Plugins

Plugins provide website owners with additional functionality but they also come at a cost to your site performance. Any plugins installed on your site will almost certainly load additional CSS and JavaScript files. Some plugins can also increase TTFB times because they require additional processing on the server for each page request. For better performance, target a maximum of 10 to 12 plugins for your website.

3. Write Mobile-First Code

Mobile responsiveness is a must for any website in today’s world. Using Bootstrap 5 allows you to build 100% responsive websites. Using the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) concept will also help with your site performances, and speed.

4. Optimize your images

I can’t emphasize this enough. If you use very high resolution images, or your images are not compressed this will definitely slow down your website. Improve WordPress website performance and speed with Plugins like Smush. Smush is one of the best available WordPress plugins for image optimization. The free version of the plugin is enough for most websites, but you can always upgrade to the pro version for more features. 

5. Use a caching Plugin

There are different caching plugins available on WordPress, but I believe the creme de la creme of them all is Seraphinite Accelerator. The plugin offers browser caching, users caching, content optimization, lazy loading, scripts load optimization among other many features. Most of the features you need are also in the free package, so this plugin is a no brainer for site optimization.


If your company depends on your website as one of the primary channels for connecting with customers, then optimising website performance will be very beneficial. However, it can be difficult given the wide variations in devices, browsers, operating systems, and connectivity.

Stafflancer LLC is here for your development needs, and with us. reach out today to find out how we can help your website to convert more. 


Christopher is a dynamic entrepreneur and the visionary founder of Stafflancer LLC, a leading company specializing B2B WordPress design and development. With a passion for WordPress and a knack for project coordination, Christopher has carved out a niche in the competitive landscape of online business.

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