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Advantages Of Custom Web Development Over Ready-Made Theme

In previous article, I discussed the advantages of using ready-made theme and templates for your web development project. In today’s post, I shall be highlighting the advantages of custom web development.

Your Unique Identity

When developing a website with CMS or other website builders, you are generally given a ready-made theme to work with unless of course, you pay for a custom built theme which can be fairly expensive.

This theme allows you place certain elements, change colors, change the font, add images, e.t.c. All it does is give you an illusion of uniqueness, but in fairness, your site looks just like thousands of other sites because of the theme limitations.

With a custom website, there is no theme. The architecture of your website is built to your liking and does not carry any limitations or restrictions on how the site will look. This means that there are very little chances that there is another site out there that look like yours.

This uniqueness will also set you apart from your competitor, which might give you an edge over them. “Once you be you who could be you but you”

Speed and performance

Most website builders and CMSs come with a lot of built-in functionalities. These functionalities allow for as many different users as possible, allowing these systems and platforms to target the biggest possible customer base.

The problem here is some of these functionalities are not needed by your site and this could have an effect on your site load speed, most especially on mobile devices.

Custom building your website allows you to completely avoid unnecessary functionalities. In addition to avoiding unnecessary functionality, building each of the functions for your site allows you to optimize not only the functionality but also the design for these functions, further reducing load times and improved performances.

SEO and site optimization

Custom website design gives your website a search engine optimization (SEO) advantage. Since content marketing and user experience helps to rank sites better, you get to give your website the attention it needs in this regard. 

A custom design is crafted to engage with your visitors right off the bat.

Readily Scalable

Having a website that can easily grow as your business grows is a pivotal part of taking your business online. Therefore, having your website built with a system that is both scalable to accept larger flows of traffic and flexible so that it is easy to add new functionality to the existing platform is vital for any business looking to expand in the digital world. 

However, cheap generic websites don’t give you the opportunity to scale your site fast. You’d have too many design hurdles to cross than you can handle.


The security of your website should be your utmost priority because a vulnerable website can expose not only you, but your customers as well.

Using an existing platform to build your website, whether it is a website builder or an open source CMS, can open your website up to vulnerabilities that affect all other websites using these platforms. This means that a vulnerability found on another site using that platform can be used to penetrate all other websites using that version of the platform.

For example a critical error found in Jetpack plugin could potentially expose about 5 million websites who are using the plugin to hacks.

In conclusion, if you are planning on developing a unique website that will represent your unique identity, going with a custom development will better than using ready-made theme provided you’ve got the resources to make it.

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Christopher is a dynamic entrepreneur and the visionary founder of Stafflancer LLC, a leading company specializing B2B WordPress design and development. With a passion for WordPress and a knack for project coordination, Christopher has carved out a niche in the competitive landscape of online business.

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