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A good team isn’t easy to find, but with Stafflancer’s IT outsourcing and staff augmentation you can control every aspect of your development, while finding talent that you may not have access to on your local market. No hassle, no hidden fees, only the people you need.


We provide you with the resources you need for your business to grow to the next level.

Do you have a web development or a marketing agency? Are you looking to build your own agency and you need help in web development, design and digital marketing? Then Stafflancer is the best partnership for you.

We transform Technical Intelligence into Organisational Intelligence for your business processing which works not less than a magic wand that smoothens everything on the go. We fulfill all your IT talent requirements that you are not able to attain either due to lack of efficient resources or high hiring costs; thus we accomplish your business operations from start to finish with success. 

We can build your development team with experienced individuals at a cost nearly 60% cheaper than European or American markets, while you focus on your company’s further development.


Opt the New Style of Accomplishing IT projects and Tasks by Hiring Our Talented Technicals for Your Projects who understand your project requirements and the nature of your business and then accomplish the task accordingly. We get all the tools and convenience for your business with our dedicated team who take your project as their mission. With our quality work that is highly fulfilling your client’s needs, you help increase client satisfaction and also increase your revenue by offering additional services to them.


Use our staff augmentation services to help:

  • Scale your development for peak loads
  • Improve your company’s focus
  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Increase your company’s flexibility


Personnel outstaffing is easy with our process, geared towards speed and efficiency.

  • An ideal candidate profile is created.
  • We launch a labor market campaign to source potential candidates.
  • We shortlist candidates CV’s based on the candidate profile.
  • An interview is schedule once we’re thoroughly vetting the candidates based on your preferred candidate profile so that you will not have to waste time on candidates that would not meet your requirements.
  • There is then an Interview with you and your candidates are organized and conducted with you and our team.
  • You tell us your budget and we negotiate for the best offer for you and your needs.
  • We proceed to contractual agreement once all parties agreed with the offer.
  • Project commence.

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    Our Mission is to deliver custom IT solutions for our customers, while being transparent, and open, so that our customers could follow and participate. 


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