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14Feb5 essential components of a performing website

Purpose and Objective of the site: It’s absolutely essential to actually define the objectives of your website before you do anything else, as this will drive everything that follows. As strange as it may sound, I have had some potential clients who want to develop websites but have no idea what they want, and instead, want the development team to figure it out. This is really a bad way to go as no development team has the ability to read minds, and the best they can do is implement your idea the way you present it to them. 

Stand out from the crowd: Too many people just buy readymade templates and customize it. As cheap as that may be, what you are getting is a website that looks like hundreds of other websites. The uniqueness of your website will make you stand out of the crowd, and this can be achieved through unique logo and website design.

Once you are you, who could be you but you?

User experience: Always go with the “Content first” model. What is the point of having a website that your users can’t use? Having an outstanding design and easy to use website, and mobile responsive can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing. 

Website page load speed: Speeding up websites is important, not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users. Moreover, fast speed also helps your site ranking as google now penalizes slow loading websites.

Continuous improvement of your website: Your website is never done. Creating a website is not a one time job. As your business increases, you will need to add new features and functionalities so you don’t get left behind by your competitors. You also need regular supports and updates for your website to make sure it keeps performing at its best.

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Christopher Akinboboye

Christopher is the founder and CEO of Stafflancer, a development studio specialized in web, and application development. He is a self thought Drupal and wordpress developer, Business management and Project management. He has used his experience to help clients all over the globe to maximize their profits through the development of outstanding digital projects

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